Finca Son Berga


The “Possessió”

According to the land registry in 1578, Jaume Berga’s “possessió” in Alaró was called Son Pisá.  Mr. Jaume Berga y de Caulelles was a deputy of Mallorca and the owner of the trusteeship which included the “possessió” later known as “Son Berga”,  in Alaró.                    

At the beginning of the XX century; Mr. Manuel Salas bought the property. His daughter, Mrs. Guadalupe Salas inherited the property and in 1950 carried  out major improvements, directed by her uncle the architect Mr. Carlos Garau. Today the family stil owns the property.


Historia de Son Berga

Son Berga has an extension of 132 hectares, where the agricultural  and farming activity is still maintained. Nowadays, we can enjoy a magical atmosphere in the refurbished premises, which will give your celebrations and events a very special touch.





Historia de Son Berga, Alaró                                                                            



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